Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NYPD Hero Joe Sanchez the Hispanic Serpico YouTube Ground Breaking YouTube Documentary Series: Goal To Effect Change

Part one:  I connect with Joe Sanchez who now lives in Florida.


I made this before I even came up with the idea to make a ground breaking YouTube documentary.
I hope to set up a YouTube Channel for the documentary that any courageous good souls that want to step forward and speak up for him can do so directly without me if need be and also I hope to have segments in Spanish.

If PBS was making ground breaking new series this might be it but instead I can do it on my own on YouTube for free....  I told Joe about PBS making a ground breaking TV show way back called "American Family" and than years later HBO made a film called Cinema Verite.  Who knows maybe that will happen with our project!  I told Joe nothing may happen but than again miracles do happen and already we have gotten so amazing comments.  See below...

Part two:

NYPD From Adrian Schoolcraft to Joe Sanchez 1982 Internal Affairs Dirty 

Here I realize this must be a year long series (who knows it could go longer because I won't give up until Joe gets an apology.  I told him I could be in Heaven by the Time that happens, maybe we all will be and your Grandkids will be the one to celebrate an official apology and the NYPD and NYC fully taking responsibility for what was done to you.

Part three:

NYPD Hero Joe Sanchez The Hispanic Serpico Year Long YouTube Documentary

Part four:

Part five coming up how Charles Joe Hynes declined to be interviewed for this ground breaking and historical YouTube Documentary Series......

Comments from part 4  --- See Nelson Denis' wiki page....

  • A good cop will always be a good cop
  • TheYoli007 
    I am an LEO in Fl., from what I know of the Joe Sanchez case, what the NYPD and prosecutors did to him, is a disgrace! This makes it bad for other good law enforcement officers. My hope and prayers are that one day a courageous person will step up to the plate and rectify this travesty of justice! Good luck to Joe and Adrian Schoolcraft.
  • Nelson Denis 
    Joseph Sanchez was a tremendous policeman. He was exonerated from all the "trumped-up" charges. He deserves a) an apology, and b) a full pension.
    This documentary is very important.
  • Joe Sanchez 
    As I wrote before, after my trial was over in 1985, the 12 jurors walked up to me wishing me well when I got back on the job. It was not meant to be. I was a whistleblower, PC Benjamin Ward was told not to reinstate me, even after I was exonerated and my indictment dismissed by Charles Joe Hynes. They were afraid I'd also sue. A year later the statute of limitation expired. Even the City lawyers knew I was wrongfully indicted. I was just one cop. It's all about money. Check my bio on Wikipedia.
  • PlanetaryDevelopment 
    Suzannah, You go girl, you rock, keep up the faith for yourself and Joe as I hope you both have your day in court, that’s if you can find a court that’s not as corrupt as the cops, mayor and so on. But blessings to you Suzannah, from the sunshine state of Florida, Randy
  • Suzannah Troy 
    Thanks and gratitude. In about 5 minutes part 4 will be up. It is very moving. I interview AnnaBell Washburn a jury who wrote Charles Hynes a letter advocating for Joe Sanchez pointing out the trail was a grave miscarriage of Justice. Charles Hynes agreed. I am waiting to hear if he will meet me next week for a 5 minute interview. He may be hesitant because I am a critic of his. Joe likes Charles. I emailed my questions and promised to stick to them.
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  • amartinez1995 
    Good luck on this documentary. Keep us posted on its development.


May 4, 2013 Update

Charles Hynes gets a little big of karma pie for turning down interview!

So happy to hear they are not rushing to back Charles Hynes who has protected Vito Lopez all these years and turned me down for a 5 min. YouTube Documentary Interview  -- Jerry Schmetterer had me turned down....  Jerry is confident that Hynes has the Hispanic vote but unless Joe steps up for the Hispanc Serpico and hello why doesn't the Spanish Community even know Joe Sanchez exists?

Jerry had me lay down a 5 min. script of what I would ask Vito oops Charles Hynes and I promised to not go off my script but Jerry and Charles decide that was a no go....

The only way we can begin to get NYPD reform is if the NYPD stops sick vicious retaliation against the NYPD Whistleblowers.

Charles could still get the endorsement late in the game but still a slap in the face he deserves in my opinion....
Charles could still get the endorsement late in the game but still a slap in the face he deserves in my opinion....

Part 5 NYPD Hero Joe Sanchez Hispanic Serpico Charles Hynes Brooklyn DA Declines YouTube Documentary.

This is part 5 of a year long YouTube Documentary that will be ground breaking...explain more on that later....

FYI:  I wrote mayor Bloomberg, commissioner Ray Kelly and Charles Hynes asking for an apology 
and honorary re-instatement so Joe can officially retire. 

Joe Sanchez NYPD Hispanic Serpico Charles Hynes Declines Interview YouTube Documentary Part 5