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Former cop, NYPD hero Joe Sanchez flies to CA for Film Festival to Talk and YouTube from Documentary to be Shown

Note:  I wrote Joe an email and said I would just post what he wrote but I am suffering, ill sick and Mom is dying, I lost Dad without get Justice so I will post my post from my suzannahbtroy blog in it's entirety....

I flew down to Florida I interviewed everyone that was there that night  NYPD hero Joe Sanchez was set=up except for one guy who is now a  retired nypd chief and we have in writing his words supporting Joe.

Herman  speaks like a college professor.   He's extremely articulate and in part 2 he talks about the fact that I'm so upset with the police department that he's worried I could actually harm Joe's chances but FYI Joe and I found out via the grapevine from someone extremely high ranking inside the NYPD that they were never going to give him a pardon.    That doesn't stop me because I know one day we will have a police commissioner with integrity and the mayor with integrity and corporate counsel with integrity and they will take action on my case and Joe's case.

Note:  Because I am traumatized and violated by the NYPD I given anybody willing to help Joe get his honorary reinstatement to you any of my work for free and to add their own work to his YouTube channel I created.

Joe Sanchez has forgiven everyone but I haven't because  in my case I would like apologizes.  Everyone good person I tell my story says I am sorry that happened to  you even uniformed NYPD officers!  No one involved in my case has apologized from the mayor  (and this started under Bloomberg on going de Blasio) to the City to corporate counsel to the doctors office but I know one day there will be a mayor with integrity, there will be a head of corporate counsel and a head of the police department who have integrity one day I will get an apology.http://corruptny-c.blogspot.com/2016/12/nypd-det-john-vergona-01-det-squad-lied.html?m=1  and so will NYPD hero Joe Sanchez.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_S├ínchez

Joe's family were also hurt with his set-up and firing and my case my Dad died knowing the NYPD's role including Ray Kelly's role but Mom is alive for now  although we have started hospice I was hoping mayor the Blasio and Bratton now O'Neill  I apologize but they haven't.

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Commissioner O'Neill (@NYPDONeill)
#NYPD hero Det. Steven McDonald greatly admired MLK's teachings & believed: "Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it's a constant attitude" pic.twitter.com/5zkE4jcOMC

Steven McDonald was and will always be a hero.  I believe he would have supported me and Joe if he knew of our cases.

Note  i've been very sick for the last week my throat is still burning just on the left side.  I've spent most of the week in bed I am just so happy to get this news to be reminded my brain so tired it had slipped away I'm so thrilled to know people will be watching this up on the screen  and Joe Sanchez will talk to an audience  after my work is shared!

I'm too sick I'm just so sick I've been in bed I couldn't go to California but it's amazing to know my work is going to be on display for so many people to see and I believe it will be a documentary and at least one film if not more based on Joe story and my work had something to do with getting that story out there!

Dr Andrew Fagelman and his pals at the Police Department continue to do evil and cover up their crimes and wrongdoing I was a victim of violence and lies from the doctors office to the police department and I was damaged my vision a hole in my retina my neck I was violated so it's really hard to go out there and pursue my work with my YouTube documentaries.

My YouTube work  is already in a documentary on Jimmy McMillian of "The Rent is too Dam High" -  you can find me right after (I believe but it's been a while sine I saw the film) Jimmy Kimmel --  I believe there will be documentaries on Joe, on Guiseppi Logan -  my contribution my YouTube is already in a jazz book been written up in the New York Times and the beautiful powerful piece in a magazine "Signal to Noise".  Because of my activism in outspokenness I've been under attack my YouTube channel was originally completed we removed because I was a critic of Mike Bloomberg's,  Google apologized but wake up Pedia hasn't for removing this page which mentions my YouTube work in the film on Jimmy McMillian.  Wikipedia returned the page to me but won't put it back up because of censorship and misogyny which one day will be in a film that the pages on censorship  and it was censored.   Should be noted on the page I talk about Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel and I protest their role in the NYPD rape cop horror.  http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/08/wikipedia-page-suzannah-b-troy-6-yrs.html?m=1

Note  I'm on NYPD hero Joe Sanchez is Wikipedia page, I'm on Guseppu Logan's  Wikipedia page but my page on censorship was under misogynist attack it was cyber vandalized and then delete it because supposedly I'm not famous enough but I'm blacklisted because I'm an outspoken activist!

The violence and lies at the doctors office to the NYPD top NYPD brass 3 PC  like and Joe's  case are protecting wrong doing  down the road I believe that will be part of books on police corruption documentaries and films.  When the NYPD decide they're going to protect wrong  sure are stubborn as Joe's case 30 years and my case prove along with others.

 I wish I could be there filming Joe for my YouTube documentary but I'm too sick and it's really because of the trauma and violence and lies on going from the doctors office  to the NYPD and the city of New York corporate counsel Lawyer Zachary Carter and now Catherine Papandrew of Corp Counsel selling lies NYPD  acted within their scope when in fact they lied and police reports and threaten me.   Joe and I  survivors of NYPD fabrication in my case a pile up a crimes from a doctors office where was supposed to be safe to the police department who are supposed to do their job not commit even more crimes. 

Herman and part two of the interview discussed how worried he is that my upset could interfere with Joe but the truth is going to come out and because Joe was a historically famous Hispanic (look that his Wikipedia page see his chest of medals)  cop I believe there will be  films made  telling his story  and my YouTube documentary had something to do with it here's proof!

Here is Joe in his own words:

I have been invited to participate at the Cultural Arts Film Expo on January 21, 2017, which is being hosted by Phil Correa, at the Performing Arts Center, 4640 Main Avenue Baldwin Park, CA 91706. I will be showing two of my many videos concerning my story as an NYPD police officer. One video is the video Suzannah B. Troy filmed when she interviewed my partner, Herman Velez, on December 21, 2013, in Orlando, Florida. She also interviewed five { 5 } other retired NYPD police officers, who spoke up for me.

I am also collaborating with actor/ director Eddie Velez on a screenplay concerning my life experience in the NYPD and what happened to me when I broke the police code of silence "The Blue Wall" Eddie will also be participating with his fellow actors and showing his short film "The Cross-UP" This event will give me and other artists  participating, an opportunity to tell our stories. Please click above attachment to view the post.


Another note from Suzannah: the NYPD history of  treatment of Hispanic NYPD  officers is notorious in a few years after Joe was fired wrongly fired it was a huge mega million dollar settlement which he was not included in any should've been!    What we learn from someone higher up in the NYPD was the fact in his file there was something unforgivable.   I asked Joe to get his file and he did and what's in it is that he blew the whistle on two supervisors in the please department investigated and decided it was unacceptable and find him two weeks pay I believe and I believe that was because they knew he was telling the truth and he was a poor humble Hispanic guy that came from nowhere and had so many metals on his chest for so many achievements such courage and the NYPD protect white shirts!   Yes forward to today look how the NYPD protect NYPD chief checked out and his underlings he took lavish gifts as contractors over built and delivered late and delivered crap on 911 aka ECTP. 

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Joe Sanchez NYPD and I get together to talk about Phill Cardilo Memorial Queens NYC

Joe Sanchez NYPD and I get together to talk about Phill Cardilo Memorial and I criticize de Blasio Bratton zero community relations concern could endanger cops lives Joe Sanchez says front cuffing will 

Joe Sanchez was the heroic NYPD cop who had so many metals on his chest more than any of the cops that I'm suing him he was fired for nothing he was framed exonerated and still fired by my opinion a corrupt police commissioner and how ironic at some point after Hispanic cops with Sue NYPD and win a huge settlement but Joe would never see that money - he did not get a pension while corrupt top brass cops right now are getting massive mega pensions I can think of at least 2 who's guilty my opinion on 911 - 911 tech over $1 billion over budget NYPD's baby.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Joe Sanchez NYPD Evaluations

NYPD Hero Joe Sanchez NYPD Evaluations from 30 Years Ago Received From 1 Police Plaza

I believe Joe Sanchez was driven out of the NYPD by the NYPD blue wall that has a history of cutting good cops careers short.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Charles Hynes Drug Dealer Money to Pay consultant -- thanks for not giving me an Interview! by Suzannah B. Troy Artist


"A New York City Department of Investigation inquiry has implicated Charles J. Hynes, the former Brooklyn district attorney, in the improper use of money seized from drug dealers and other criminal defendants to pay a political consultant more than $200,000 for his work on Mr. Hynes’s unsuccessful re-election campaign last year."

Excerpt: Above and tomorrow on my blog how Dept of Investigation may not be doing their 
job yet again on 911 tech corruption --- I have an exclusive -- stay tuned....

Laughing -- tried to post this on The NY Times website 15 minutes ago.

Of course Charles Hynes wouldn't want to be interviewed by me a whistle blower.
Thank you for your submission. We'll notify you at sb***@aol.com when your comment has been approved.

Suzannah B. Troy

 New York 
Shocking...Charles Hynes press people had me write a script of what I would ask Mr. Hynes for my YouTube documentary to re-instate NYPD Hero Joe Sanchez who was set-up by drug dealers and allegedly Internal Affairs cops 30 years ago. Mr. Hynes refused my interview even when I promised not to ask any questions that would make him uncomfortable like his friendship with Vito Lopez. I told Joe Sanchez about this NY Times article and said Joe, this is not a practical joke even though it sounds like! You are lucky the young Charles Hynes wrote this letter http://www.scribd.com/doc/174235411/Charles-Hynes-Letter-from-30-Years-Ago-Yes-NYPD-Hispanic-Joe-Sanchez-Should-Be-Re-Instated on your behalf to the juror, AnnaBell Washburn, I interviewed 30 years later who still is calling for Joe Sanchez's honorable reinstatement.

The New York Post has a good piece on it!!!!!!!  CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!


help this go viral so shame MD, my attacker, NYPD and
thank you. http://nypdstatcreativestatfixing.blogspot.com/2014/04/mynypd-threatened-and-coerced-me-01.html?m=1


The NYPD an internal
affairs fix crime in my opinion based on my own

Dr Andrew Fagelman Delita Hooks
Violence Lies New bad Yelp Review Not ADay @ The

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NYPD Joe Sanchez Documentary Update Mayor De Blasio Bill Bratton


I think this installment 23 -- you can see I am exhausted -- PTS from being attacked at Dr Andrew Fagelman by Delita Hooks a violent liar and the NYPD and Internal Affair's role. I don't sleep well and I have gained weight. Still getting care for the eye and neck damage from the attack and still Delita Hooks has not been fired or arrested.